Area Rug Care Tips: How to Make Your Rugs Last

Published: Aug 8, 2018
Category: Rug Cleaning
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With so many area rug options available, it can be hard to decide which is best for your home. An important thing to consider when choosing an area rug is the amount of upkeep and care that is required to keep it in the best possible condition over the years. Many factors come to play into determining how to best take care of your area, including its location in the home and the amount of traffic it will receive. But, ultimately the material of the rug will dictate which are the best methods for an appropriate area rug care.

Here are some care tips for different types of area rugs, to help you determine which is best for your home:

Area Rug Care for Synthetic Rugs

Synthetic rugs vary in materials. Different synthetic fibers provide varying levels of durability and maintenance requirements. However, in general, synthetic rugs can be taken care of in the following manner:

  • Vacuum weekly, more frequently if the rug lives in a high traffic area of the home or frequently comes in contact with food or pets
  • Clean liquid spills by blotting up the excess liquid, never rub
  • Spot treat spills with stain remover, as needed. It’s recommended to find a product recommended by your professional rug cleaner and test it on a corner spot before using more broadly

Synthetic rugs should be professionally cleaned every 1-2 years, more frequently if in a high traffic area.

How to Take Care of Wool Area Rugs

Wool rugs are a more expensive, yet more durable option. The wool fibers naturally repel liquids, which aids in the rug’s durability. Wool rug care differs from synthetic, as you do not want to hard or pull out the natural fibers.

  • wool area rugVacuum twice a month. This helps to keep the fibers intact. It’s important to note that new wool rugs shed. Over vacuuming will increase the shedding and damage the fibers. Stick to a regular vacuuming schedule and the shedding will decrease after a few months
  • Every two months, vacuum the underside of the rug to remove any dirt and dust that may have worked through the fibers or been picked up on the underside of the rug
  • For liquid spills, blot the liquid up gently with a clean cloth and use a professional spot cleaner to treat
  • Use a rug pad to help keep your rug in the tip-top shape

Wool rugs should be professionally cleaned every 1-2 years, depending on the location and use of the rug.

Coarse Textured, Plant Material Rugs

Plant material rugs include rugs made from natural fibers such as Jute, Sisal, Seagrass or Hemp and are identified by their coarse texture. Plant material rugs need different care than rugs made from other fibers:

  • Depending on the texture of weave, some can be vacuumed and for others, it is better to take outside and gently beat to remove dirt and dust
  • On occasion, when vacuuming, move the rug and vacuum underneath to help remove debris
  • When you vacuum or beat the rug outside, flip it over upon replacing. This will help the rug achieve more even wear
  • To spot clean, soak up excess liquid with a cloth and then scrub the stain with a soft brush and soapy water. Rinse with clean water and blot the spot dry with a clean towel. If the rug is large, be sure to place a cloth or plastic underneath, so you don’t damage your floor

These natural materials are very absorbent, which makes them more prone to stains. If you are unable to remove a stain with the method above or have a question concerning the care, be sure to contact a rug cleaning professional.

Use Professional Area Rug Cleaners as a Resource

When you purchase a new rug, it is important to research how to best care for it. If you are unsure, contact your local area rug cleaning professionals and they will be able to provide recommendations.

Protip! Rotate your area rugs couple of times a year, especially if furniture sits on it, will help it maintain even wear.


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