The Best Rug Styles for Spring

Published: March 30, 2020
Category: Area Rugs
floral rugs

Spring is the season for new life and reinvention. With long-awaited sunlight in the evenings and new flowers sprouting up, it’s time to replace your winter décor with something brighter.

If you like to change out your rugs with the seasons, or its just time for something new, you might want to consider these styles and fabrics for spring.

Floral Rugs

There’s a reason so many rugs include flower motifs: they’re the perfect expression of hope, new beginnings, and appreciation for life. It’s hard to think of a better symbol of spring than a blooming flower. No matter what your tastes are, you can likely find a detailed, abstract, or geometric floral pattern you love.

After years of being out of style, floral patterns are now back in full force in fashion and upholstery alike. With all the possible pattern variations and color combinations, a floral rug can fit into any space.

Dirt-Resistant Rugs

If anyone in your household is outdoorsy, you would be wise to invest in a relatively easy-to-maintain rug. Dirt-resistant rug materials make it so you don’t have to worry about bringing in dirt form hiking, gardening, and other outdoor activities.

Wool can stand up to traffics and naturally repel liquids, making it an ideal choice for busy homeowners. Cotton is durable and sometimes even machine washable, unlike most other rug materials.

If you’re willing to try a synthetic fabric, you may prefer a nylon rug since this material resists dirt, is very strong, and can be easily cleaned. Olefin rugs, meanwhile, are popular in outdoor settings due to their ability to repel stains and moisture.

Natural Fiber Rugs

Natural fiber rugs can make your home feel more in harmony with nature. Materials like wool, cotton, and silk can not only help you feel less stressed, but also last longer and release none of the harmful gasses manmade materials do.

Wool is an excellent choice if you want something that will stand up to traffic, especially if you have children or a busy schedule. Cotton is less expensive and still fairly durable, as well as sometimes machine-washable. Silk is less durable, but extremely soft. Jute and sisal are very tough and durable, though they tend to absorb stains more easily.

Keeping Your Rug Fresh for the Future

Regardless of the type of rug you choose, Alexander’s Rug Care can help you clean and maintain it so it freshens up your home for generations to come. We will pick up your rug (or you can deliver it), thoroughly cleanse the rug with our 11-step rug cleaning process, and deliver it back to your home in like-new condition.

We also perform rug repairs and provide rug protection treatments so your rug last longer with regular use. Contact us today to get a quote for rug care services.


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