Alexander’s Rug Care: 11 Step Area Rug Cleaning Process

Published: Jun 30, 2018
Category: Rug Cleaning
area rug cleaning

It is important to have the rugs in your home cleaned every 18-24 months. An area rug cleaning professional will remove dirt and dust, reinvigorate colors and ultimately provide the rug with a deeper clean than once can achieve with a vacuum or at home carpet cleaner. Alexander’s Rug Care experts are all trained in an 11 step area rug cleaning process that focuses on customizing the cleaning process to the needs of the rug.

  1. Area Rug Inspection – The rug professional will inspect both the front and back of your rug, take photos and document any need for repair or special treatment. The inspection will include a conversation with you about your rug, where it came from, the amount of use it gets in your home and any questions or concerns that you may have about the care of the rug.
  2. Dry soil removal – Alexander’s Rug Care removes dust from the rug using a Rugbadger™. This device allows all loose soil to be safely removed from the rug, prior to the bathing process.
  3. Color testing – Every rug is tested prior to bathing for potential color bleeding. If the rug is colored with vegetable or berry dyes, it may be more prone to bleeding and will need additional product applied prior to the washing process in order to ensure that colors stay put.area rug cleaning
  4. Rug Fringe cleaning – When rugs are vacuumed at home, fringe is avoided in order to prevent damage to the rug and vacuum alike. The professionals meticulously inspect and hand wash the fringe on your rug, to ensure there is no damage to the fringe.
  5. Shampoo – Many are rug cleaning companies use large, car wash style machines to wash your rug. Alexander’s professionals use handheld cleaning devices to ensure optimum results. The Cimex Rotary shampoo machine is used to thoroughly agitate and emulsify the soil to the surface for extraction. This is done on the front and back of the rug.
  6. Rinsing – After the rug is shampooed, it is rinsed thoroughly to remove all residual dirt, grime, and shampoo.
  7. Rug Grooming – Once the rug is rinsed, it moves on to the hand grooming process. Alexander’s rug professionals set the nap and align the fringe by hand.
  8. Drying – To ensure that the rug maintains its original shape and size, it is draped over specially designed drying poles. The fringe is realigned by hand during the drying process.
  9. Post inspection – After the rug is dry, it is inspected by two technicians to ensure there is no spotting or misaligned fringe.  
  10. Vacuum rug – The rug is then vacuumed to remove any dust that may have surfaced during the cleaning and any marks from the grooming process.
  11. Roll or fold – Once the cleaning process is complete the rug is either rolled or folded, wrapped and tied for delivery or pickup.

Pet Odor Removal During Area Rug Cleaning

One of the most common rug care concerns is pet odor removal. Rugs with odor due to pet urine need to go through an alternative cleaning process, in order to permanently and completely remove the bacteria that causes the smell. When pet urine dries it turns into alkaline salts. The alternative rug bathing process used to combat pet odor breaks down these alkaline salts and removes the odor. Alexander’s Rug Care takes extreme pride in rug care and cleaning. From guaranteeing 100% pet odor removal, to hand washing and grooming each and every rug, you can be sure that your rug is in great hands!


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