How to Choose the Right Size Area Rug Part 1: Living Room, Dining Room and Bedrooms

Published: Nov 21, 2018
Category: Area Rugs
Area Rug Size

One of the most important questions one can ask when choosing a rug for your home is “what size best fits this space?” A general rule of thumb, across the board, is to choose a rug that offers a good balance of rug and visible flooring. However, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing a rug specific rooms in your home.

We love this pro tip from the experts at Rug and Home! Use a folded bed sheet to help you visualize how different rug sizes will look on your floor.

Living Room Area Rug

Start by determining your goal for the rug. Do you want the rug to anchor a seating area, within the greater living room or act as a centering, focal point of the space? There is no golden rule about whether the rug must go beneath the couch or sit in front of it. However, it is recommended that the rug run the entire length of the couch. If you choose to have the rug sit in front of the couch, a good distance is in the 6-18 inch range, depending on room size.

Most people choose a rug between 5 x 8 and 9×12 to use in living rooms, depending on the size of the room. A 3×5 or 4×6 rug works well in a smaller living where the rug sits in front of furniture. Conversely, larger living rooms call for bigger rugs where at least the front legs of the furniture rest on the rug. For very large spaces, area rugs that go entirely beneath all furniture can add a sense of grandeur to the room. Additionally, some larger rooms can accommodate multiple rugs, to separate seating areas.

Area Rugs for the Dining Room

When determining what size rug you need for your dining room, it is important to consider functionality! The rug should not only fit underneath your dining table, but all four chair legs should remain on the rug when the chair is pulled out. This will ensure that chairs remained balanced and safe for whoever is sitting.

To determine the size, pull all of the chairs out around your table and take a measurement. This will provide you with the minimum rug size you should seek for space. Wayfair recommends that your rug should extend 24-36 inches past the edge of your table on all sides and don’t forget to include measuring with the leaf if you are a regular entertainer!

Bedroom Rugs

It is recommended that the rug is placed beneath the bed and extends on either size, to ensure you step onto the rug when getting out of bed. Some people start the rug in front of their bedside tables, to optimize the amount of usable rug space on either side and at the end of the bed.

  • Queen size bed– An 8×10 rug provides 2’ 6” on either side of the bed and 3’ 6” at the foot.
  • King size bed– A 9×12 rug provides 2’10” on either side of the bed and 4’ at the foot.

For smaller bedrooms, accent rugs can be a great addition! Smaller rugs can be placed next to the bed, to provide a comfortable landing each morning or at the foot of the bed, depending on the size and shape of the room.

Here is how to choose the right the material, color and pattern for a rug.


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