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Published: Mar 14, 2021
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rug grease stain

Some of the worst possible stains you can encounter are grease stains. They’re extremely challenging to remove and can leave behind a large mark on your rugs and carpets. Plus, those fats soak into a surface quickly, making it hard to catch them before they become a problem.

We’ve outlined some at-home tips for removing grease stains. But if these don’t work, contact a rug cleaner service immediately. The sooner you get your rugs treated, the more likely you’ll be to once again have flawless and beautiful rugs. This is true for all stains. The longer they sit, the more damage they can cause as they soak into the rug or damage the fibers.

At-home Grease Removal Before Calling Rug Cleaner Service

You might be able to remove a grease stain without calling in the experts. Follow this at-home treatment for your rug to avoid a long-term blemish.

  1. From the moment the stain happens or you catch sight of it, blot the grease stain gently. Do not rub or scrub it. The goal is to soak up as much of the grease as you possibly can.
  2. Apply cornmeal to the spot. This helps to absorb any additional grease to remove moisture.
  3. Get a stiff-bristled brush and brush the stain. This will disrupt any of the grease that’s started to harden into your rug.
  4. Mix together eight parts of a liquid dry cleaning solvent with one part coconut oil. This will serve as a dry spotter for the stain.
  5. Using an absorbent pad, cover the stain with even more of your liquid dry cleaning solvent. On your pad, you should start to see the grease instead of on your rug.

If this method does not work or leaves behind some remnants of a stain, move onto this secondary grease removal method. Don’t wait around too long to see how bad the rug looks. It’s better to really attack the stain as best you can from the start.

Secondary At-home Grease Removal Tactic

Grease sure is a tough stain to remove. So if you’re still seeing grease on your rug, it’s time to take even more action. Here are directions for a secondary at-home treatment method.

  1. Get a clean sponge (you should not have used this sponge in the first grease removal treatment) and put some water on it. Apply it to the stained area of the rug and pat the stain gently.
  2. Create a wet spotter solution. This is made up of eight parts water, one part dishwashing detergent and one part glycerin. Add a few drops of white vinegar and put the mixture into a spray bottle. Shake it well to make sure the contents are well incorporated.
  3. Apply the spotter solution to an absorbent pad. Then place the pad directly on the stained area of your rug.
  4. Depending on the size and severity of the stain, you might need to replace the pad as it soaks up the grease. You’ll notice that the pad becomes very grease-covered.
  5. Return to step three where you soak the absorbent pad in the spotter solution and apply it to the rug. This step can be repeated as many times as is necessary to remove the stain.

Preventing Grease Stains on Rugs

rug stain

Hopefully, you’ll never need to deal with a grease stain on your rug. With the right tactics and prevention, you can avoid this problem.

For rugs that are in dining rooms, kitchens, or that serve as runners between such areas, you might be hard-pressed to avoid grease stains entirely. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep the cleaning solutions listed above on hand just in case.

  1. Set rules for not eating or drinking foods near the rug. Some of the largest threats to rugs, carpeting and furniture are eating and drinking in living spaces. While you want to be able to relax in your home, these activities present large risks for stains in your home. Even if you’re only eating and drinking in living spaces after your children go to bed, unexpected things can happen, leaving behind stains.
  2. Evaluate your rug placement carefully. Some homes are open floor plans where one room seamlessly flows into another. This can present unique challenges for protecting carpets, rugs and furniture. If your rug is near an entryway or main walkway of your home, you might find it’s more at risk of harm. Do your best to create clear pathways to protect your rugs. Or, add less expensive and easier to replace runner rugs to your home in these walkways.
  3. Remove rugs before parties. If you’re planning to have many people in your home, it might be a good idea to remove heirloom or otherwise important rugs. It’s harder to keep foods and drinks from getting near your living areas when there are more people in your home who don’t know your house rules. The only places to sit are those in the living room and you don’t want your guests standing to eat. So think ahead and do what you can to protect your rugs. Make a kids’ table in the dining room or kitchen to further prevent accidents.

Benefits of Regular Rug Cleaning

rug grease stains

No matter how careful you are in your home, mishaps can happen. For example, grease can come in from someone’s shoes or on toys that children bring inside. So even with the best preventative measures, you might find yourself facing stains.

Take a deep breath and know that your home can be restored to its original beauty. A regular rug cleaner service can help keep your rugs looking great. It will remove even small stains you weren’t aware of yet and keep your rugs bright and smelling great.

With time, dust, dirt and debris get caught deep within your rug fibers. Even though you can’t see them, they’re busy breaking down the integrity of the rug’s fibers. With time and traffic over your rug, the dirt and debris can create wear marks in your rug if not properly cared for.

That’s where rug cleaning comes in. The A Advanced Rug Care team will clean your rug and then meticulously inspect it for areas that need repair. We’ll offer expert advice to keep your rug in the best shape ever.

You should clean your rugs at least annually if not every six months. However, if you encounter a bad stain like a grease stain in between cleanings, don’t wait to get that removed. Don’t hesitate to call us at 425-355-4810 if you have a rug emergency.

Everett, Washington, Rug Cleaning and Repair Service

No matter what happened to your rug or why you need it cleaned or repaired, A Advanced will be there to help. First, book your service online using our easy scheduler and price estimation tool. You can book a variety of home cleaning services all at once to complete your to-do list conveniently.

Drop off your rug at our convenient Everett, Washington, location and we’ll get right to work. When we’re done, we’ll give you a call to come and get your rug. You can count on our team to be prompt, professional and helpful.


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