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Published: Sep 27, 2018
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Rugs can last for decades if taken care of properly. However, time, constant use, moth damage, furniture wear and moving are among  many ways that area rugs can become damaged, causing them to lose their original structure and vibrancy. By working with a professional rug cleaning and repair company, you can extend its life and ensure that your rug is restored to its original glory.

There are several ways that a rug can be restored or repaired, depending on the wear or damage incurred.

Rug Fringe Repair

In most cases, whether or not a rug has fringe, doesn’t impact the value of the rug. In general, it is an aesthetic choice of the owner. However, if your rug does have fringe, the condition can make or break the quality and in turn, the value of a rug. This is specifically the case for hand-woven rugs, where the fringe or tassels are actually the ends of the fibers that run the full length of the rug, providing the skeleton or framework for the weave. Therefore, if you have a handwoven rug with damage to the fringe or tassels, it is imperative to have a professional assess and fix the damage. This will ensure that the issue is fixed properly and ultimately extends the life of the rug.

If the rug is woven by a machine, the fringe is either sewn or glued on after completion. In this case, if the fringe is simply coming off, then it may be able to be sewn or glued back on. However, if the fringe itself is damaged, it may be best to replace entirely. The rug care professional will assess and be able to provide you with the best option to ensure your rug looks as good as new post repair!

Reweave Damaged Areas on the Rug

Whether you are purchasing an older rug that has some bald areas or has a well-loved rug that has permanent dents from years of sitting under heavy furniture, a rug repair professional can restore it by reweaving damaged areas.

Reweaving is a tedious and potentially expensive process, depending on the size of the area needing to be fixed. Therefore, there are two important things to consider. First, if you can prevent the need to reweave, it is worth it! If you notice that the fringe or side wrap of your rug is mildly loose or damaged, take it into a professional for repair. When these issues are let go over time, it can cause further damage, causing the pile to loosen and eventually need to be rewoven. Second, if you purchase a rug that has existing damage, take it into a professional for a consultation. This will provide you with all of the information you need to make an educated decision on whether or not the repair will provide long-term value to the rug or if it is beyond reasonable repair.

If you are in the market to have a rug rewoven, it is in your best interest to work with a rug care professional who specializes in repair. An expert is able to match the fibers, knot style, weave and color of the rug. This guarantees that the newly woven area will seamlessly integrate with the original weave of the rug.

Side Wrap and End Repair

rug repairThe sides and the ends of oriental rugs are the most common to experience damage, over years of use. Oriental rugs are usually woven from side to side. After a rug is completely woven, the ends are tied up in order to hold the shape of the rug. This end can loosen over time, causing the rug shape to lose structure. If you recognize that the end of your rug is becoming loose, it is time to take it into a professional. Fixing this issue sooner, rather than later will save you money on repairs in the long run.

If you recognize fraying or damage to the side wrap along the edge of the rug, this is another opportunity for a larger issue to be cut off at the pass. A repair expert is able to match the fiber and color used and rewrap the sides, to reinforce and protect the weave from loosening.

Improve or Fix Repairs Done by Others Rug Care Companies

Rug repair is an art and although there are many rug cleaning companies that claim they provide area rug repair services, the truth is that there are not many who have the expertise to repair properly. In order to avoid working with less than qualified companies, request a consultation. You should be able to have your rug assessed and then speak with a professional about the recommended repairs and costs associated with them.

In the case that you have previously worked with a company that provided sub-par rug repair, it’s not too late to save your rug! A rug repair expert, such as those at Alexander’s Rug Care, will provide an assessment and recommendations on how to remedy the previous fix.

Custom Dyes are Used to Color Match Worn Areas on the Rug

Not only do the fiber structure, weave and fringe receive damage over time, so does the color. Although some rugs are intentionally faded in the sun for years prior to the sale, others are intended to be vibrant from the beginning. In both cases, however, with time you may notice that your rug is not the color that it was when you originally purchased it. Another scenario may be the rug getting stained or even bleached from the use of an improper cleaning product.

Regardless of how the color was lost or damaged, a rug care expert may be able to help restore the colorful fibers through custom color matching and dying. This process requires a deep knowledge of fibers and dyes, to ensure that the proper formula is used to match your rug and wear naturally over time. An expert understands how and with what the fibers were originally dyed and can provide a recommendation for the closest match possible for repair.

Seek Out a Rug Repair Expert

Although there may be do-it-yourself tips on the internet for how to provide a quick fix for a worn rug and a slew of “professionals” claiming rug repair experience, it is worth it, in the long run, to do your due diligence to find an expert for rug repair. When seeking an expert, be sure to ask for a consultation, they should want to see your rug in person before providing a quote for repair or making any promises.

Additionally, ask about their experience- What kinds of rugs have they repaired? Do they have client testimonials or photos for you to review their work? What does the repair process entail? Additionally, the professional should ask you questions before committing to the job. Seek a professional who is invested in the art and science of rug care and wants to build a relationship with you for continued cleaning and maintenance. Rugs are an investment and an integral part of your home aesthetic. Working with a true expert will ensure that the money you spend on repairs will continue to add value for years to come.


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