How to Choose an Area Rug Cleaning Service in Everett

Published: Nov 8, 2018
Category: Rug Cleaning
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You have numerous choices when looking for a place to get your area rugs cleaned in Snohomish County. With all of the choices, how do you know which area rug cleaner will do the best job for your treasured rugs? Here are a few things you should consider when looking for your best option.

A Focus on Area Rugs

Many companies offering area rug cleaning provide this service as an adjunct to their carpet cleaning business. But the two cleaning processes are very different. Carpets have backing and are meant to be cleaned from the top. Area rugs consist of tightly woven fibers that trap dirt deep inside. Carpet cleaning may actually do damage to your area rugs. Many of the better area rugs are made of wool or silk and hot water can shrink the fibers. If your area rug is dyed, steam cleaning can cause color bleeding. Alexander’s Rug Care focuses exclusively on area rugs, helping to ensure a better outcome.

Rug Cleaning Expertise

Our focus on area rugs has allowed us to build an expertise that is simply unmatched. We take care of your area rugs in three ways.

1. Deep Clean Your Rug

Whether your area rug has food or wine stains, pet odors, or has been collecting years of dirt, we can restore your rug so it’s almost like new. We use an exclusive 11-step processing to clean your area rugs:

  • Inspection – a thorough assessment of your rug, including photos
  • Dry soil removal – we use a special machine called the RugBadger to remove trapped
    dirt and soil
  • Color testing – we ensure the colors of your rug won’t bleed or run
  • Fringe cleaning – all fringe is cleaned by hand
  • Shampooing – we use a hypoallergenic shampoo that deep cleans your rug
  • Rinsing – after shampooing, we thoroughly rinse it
  • Grooming – we brush the rug to set the nap in the same direction; if the rug has fringe,
    we align it by hand
  • Drying – we drape the rug on poles to ensure even drying
  • Post inspection – a final inspection to make sure the rug has dried properly
  • Vacuuming – removes any grooming marks and any leftover soil
  • Rolling – we prepare the rug to be delivered or picked up

This comprehensive process ensures that the deeply held dirt in your area rug will be removed safely and thoroughly. Our passion is area rugs and we make sure that each rug is cared for throughout the entire cleaning process.

rug cleaning everett2. Area Rug Repair

No matter how hard we try to keep our area rugs in pristine condition, life happens. Your pet dog may dig a hole, the sun may have faded the color or some fringe may have been damaged during vacuuming. At Alexander’s, we can do a variety of repairs, from fringe repair to reweaving damaged areas of your rug to color matching with special dyes.

3. Nontoxic Rug Protection

You can actually extend the life of your area rug! In addition to cleaning and repairing your area rugs, we can actually help increase the life of your rug while protecting it from further damage. By applying special protectants to your area rug, we can protect it from spills, sun damage and pet stains, without sacrificing its original feel. Our rug protection treatments are safe, hypoallergenic and nontoxic for your family and pets. After our protective treatment, your area rug will look like new, need fewer cleanings and last longer.

Located in Everett, WA

We are conveniently on Maple Street in Everett, just off I-5 and Everett Avenue. Need even greater convenience? No problem. We offer arrange for pickup and delivery of your rug.

Competitive Pricing

The cost of cleaning your area rug depends on several things including size and fabric. At Alexander’s, we offer top-rate service at very competitive prices. Request your free quote today!

Check Reviews

Check online reviews to make sure the area rug cleaner you choose has a good reputation. Alexander’s has 25 five-star reviews on Google.



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